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Wikipedia Mobile is the official app of Wikipedia, which allows you to access all the content on one of the largest sources of information on the Internet with just the touch of your finger.

Its interface is very simple--all you have to do is type the word you are searching for and look it up on its database. Also, thanks to this extreme simplicity, Wikipedia Mobile also is very quick and easy-to-use.

The content that you can access from the app is exactly the same as what you have on the website. However, what sets it apart and makes it a highly recommended app is how easy it is to access.

Wikipedia Mobile is very useful for any user, and although at the moment it is exclusively in English, it won't be long before we see the Spanish version.
The Wikipedia app is now much smoother

To start, no matter how much of a Wikipedia fiend you are, it might seem like it doesn’t quite make sense to use its official Android app when the web version adapts perfectly well to mobile screens. But actually there’s nothing further from the truth: the new version of the official Wikipedia app includes loads of exclusive features, in addition to a full facelift and a new reading system that avoids loading several tabs when you jump from entry to entry.
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Compatible con iPhone, iPod touch & iPad.

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